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Melissa is a knowledgeable, effective, and compassionate acupuncture practitioner. I was a patient of Melissa’s for several years and her treatments were very helpful in alleviating my back and neck pain. Melissa has a friendly, caring demeanor and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Oriental Medicine and achieving whole body health. Her office is easy to get to and has an organic feel to it. I highly recommend Melissa/Elevation Acupuncture if you are experiencing pain or health issues. Max W.

I was having some discomfort in my upper back and shoulders and was referred to Melissa for acupuncture. She got me in quickly and was able to really help. The office is warm and welcoming and I felt great after the treatment. Try out acupuncture with Melissa Vidaic if you’re dealing with any arthritis or pains (she treats loads of other symptoms as well) before you resort to western medicine practices or chiropractors. Quinn G.

Despite years of suffering from terrible migraines and numerous orthopedic surgeries, I would never have considered acupuncture until a top neurologist at Johns Hopkins strongly suggested it. Subsequently, after comprehensively reviewing practitioners in the Boulder County area, I concluded that Melissa was the best fit for me, I could not have been more fortunate. Melissa is an exceptional practitioner; truly committed to her art and patients; compassionate, gentle and highly skilled. She has helped tremendously over the years, my once debilitating migraines no longer require prescription medication or land me in the ER; they all but disappeared. My numerous orthopedic injuries which were the result of equestrian and skiing have all become manageable and have little to no impact on my quality of life or activity level whereas in the past they were source of almost constant pain and frustration. Many of my close friends/colleagues have witnessed firsthand the life changing results Melissa’s treatments have had on my health and overall well being and have sought treatment from her as well, their results have been just as astonishing. I am not one who usually engages in social media nor in writing public reviews, however, this is one of the rare situations that truly merits it. Jennifer R.

I went to see Melissa for neck and low back pain. She was able to relieve my acute pain in just 2 sessions. She has an amazing technique and is very gentle. I found she really listened and gave me plenty of time to fully assess my symptoms. I think she did a great job and would highly recommend her. Joanne ONeill (RN retired)